Intentions & Inspiration

When permitted by the City I try to build the highest quality project possible. I want my project to be the best building without overwhelming the broadly conceived spirit of the neighborhood.

In selecting materials I focus on how the project will look in twenty or fifty years and avoid over-reliance on how drawings or digital modeling may present the project. Buildings may be appealing in the abstract or when the materials are replete with pristine newness but time can be unforgiving of what was once all shiny and clean.

I find the most appealing buildings to be those that resist easy characterization. For me there is some kind of sweet spot that involves clean, quiet, unadorned design executed with enduring, quality materials, noticeably excellent workmanship and all expressed in a way that is not overtly indebted to immediately recognized design categories.

Frank Lloyd Wright masterfully accomplished this in some of his work but this outcome can also be achieved in other design languages. I am trying to learn those languages and recognize them in others.

John Parker Willis

As a child I marveled at a summer home my grandfather designed and built in Massachusetts. I  was fascinated by the oversized doors and thick bronze hinges and the use of sturdy materials that had held up for 50, now 90, years without showing the least wear or deterioration.

As a young boy I would ride my bike in search of new homes under construction and find ways to “let myself in” and observe the progress of construction while trying to imagine what the completed home would be like.

Somewhere along the line that interest got derailed into a brief and unremarkable legal career,

and then a migration to real estate.

My early post-legal years were spent working as A broker and representing buyers and sellers of homes in the northern parts of the City. I worked with several developers in bringing condominiums to market and also brokered some larger commercial buildings.

I was always drawn toward more complex transactions such as those involving pending litigation, problematic tenancies , the creation of partnerships with diverse interests, corporations and LLCs.

I also worked remodeling a number of older homes and multiunit buildingS until I realized that for nearly the same cost as a top to bottom remodel it was possible to build a new carefully contemplated building from the ground up.

Shortly thereafter I began building new homes and small scaled condominium projects. Despite some notable setbacks I have built a number of quality buildings that have all performed well over the years. It is tremendously satisfying when past and present owners express to me their appreciation of living in one of my buildings.